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I ..............................................................(TFN..........................................) hereby appoint N John & Associates as my Tax Agents for interviewing me, completing & lodging my tax return. Also I appoint N John & Associates as my Tax Agents in coordinating with ATO on my behalf for the tax year in question along with all the previous tax years, matters relating to me whether GST, FBT, ABN, or any other matters asked whether verbally or in writing until this authority is specifically revoked in writing by me. I hereby confirm that I have read the terms of engagement and agree to the terms.

I further declare that I have checked the details stated above and agree with the various incomes, deductions and offset claimed, the information provided is true and correct to the best of my understanding and belief. I declare that wherever there is no receipt submitted, expense are genuinely incurred by me and were directly relevant to the job due to which I earned the income described above. I declare that N John & Associates have explained to me the consequences for any wrong declaration and am aware that they are preparing the tax return on my behalf. I am aware that I shall be liable for any wrong information provided by me to them or to ATO. I further authorise them to take their fee out of my refund, if due.

I hereby confirm that I have read the terms of engagement and agree to the terms